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In the wild the garter snakes diet consists of just about anything alive and small enough to get it's mouth round and soft enough to digest.

This often includes such foods as small fish, earthworms, amphibians and rodents.

In captivity it's best to feed little or no fish to garter snakes because too much in their diet can result in thiamin deficiencies. Some people treat fish as an occasional treat, either using fresh strips of it from the fish monger or supermarket, or adding a few live minnows or teatras to their water bowl.

Amphibians can be heard to get hold of, though it is possible to breed a small number yourself as a treat for your garter snake.

But the easiest gater snakes diet in captivity is either earthworms (for young snakes) and dead rodents.

Also don't forgt that you can also consider adding some of the processed snake foods to your garter snakes diet to add further variety.

On the whole, garter snakes are very easy to feed in captivity and so long as you're not squeemish about feeding other animals to your pet you shouldn't have any problems.