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Unlike many other commonly-kept snakes, the sombre-colored bull snake can hiss when annoyed - which can cause quite a shock for the new owner!

This seems to occur especially in specimens that have been caught in the wild and bull snakes may be found across the USA and according to some authorities also into Mexico.

The bull snake is a large and stocky species which reaches 2 - 2.5 metres in length as adults and this combination of length and girth makes them one of the largest commonly-kept snakes available.

Whilst dull in coloration they are still attractive captives though a very large cage is required to accommodate them.

A cage measuring 2 metres long or greater and at least 50 cm deep will be required for an adult bull snake so be aware of this before you make a purchase though, like most snakes, hatchlings require considerably smaller scages.

Being that much larger than, say, most corn snakes or king snakes, the bull snake is capable of taking correspondingly larger prey items - not just mice but also day old chicks and even some half-grown rats may be taken.

There are specimens which don't lose their aggressive edge and even those that can be handled safely may still hiss or attempt to strike as you put your hand into their cage so the bull snake is not a species for those with children and even adults might like to consider a generally more docile, smaller, or more colorful species of snake to keep.

They do, however, make incredibaly impressive cage specimens!

A temperature of around 30'C on the hotspot is sufficient with a dry desert-like tank, though a water bowl must always be present.