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Hatching corn snake eggs isn't difficult.

Corn snake eggs should be removed from the females cage and incubated separately, partially buried in damp vermiculite at a temperature of around 28'C.

Good ventilation is a must during this incubation period so that mould does not attack and kill the eggs.

Incidentally snake eggs take in moisture and are soft and leahtery unlike the hard eggs of birds so don't worry too much if they change size or shape during incubation.

Also, unlike birds eggs, snake eggs positively don't want to be turned over during incubation.

Great care should be taken when removing them from the egg-laying chamber and placing them into the incubator to ensure the top remains the top or the eggs may die.

Once you have taken away the eggs begin the parents again as they may be able to breed again later that season.

Corn snake hatching will typically occur 60 -90 days after being laid if you follow this advice.