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When supplemented with a specialist reptilian vitamin and mineral supplement the best corn snake food of all is rodents - most notably mice.

The reasons are many.

Mice are one of the most readily available frozen foods of all and so a constant supply should be easy to find.

They breed quickly, and so they are cheap to produce and so better for your wallet.

There is a range of sizes available - suitable for the whole life of your corn snake with the smallest mice being suitable for baby corn snakes right up to adult mice for adult snakes.

Nice and easy, just as I like it.

Whilst there are other corn snake foods available, and everyone has their own opinion, my own suggestion is to stick with mice as the main diet.

It's what most snake keepers have been doing for decades so it's a tried and tested technique.

Mice come in 3 main sizes -

Pinkies (or pinks)
Fuzzies (or fluffs)
Adults (often small or large)

Pinkies are newborn mice - that haven't yet got any fur - hence their name - and will be taken by baby corn snakes ususally without any problems.

Fuzzies are slightly older and hence larger mice just starting to get their fur. They feel like suede with their short, fuzzy hair and are suitable for larger corn snakes.

Lastly adult corn snakes will eat adult mice as their food.

And so once you've got a hatchling corn snake used to this food, it'll be able to stick with it right throughout it's life, and that familiar smell will always mean the same thing - dinner!