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Richoci Ocicats was established, in 1989, with my foundation stud, CH ShadedAcres Titan of Richoci, a Blue-Silver Spotted Male. Titan is a GRC Ociville Frosted Levi of ShadedAcres son; and, has made his mark on Ocicat history, helping to "Pave the Road into the SPOTlight" for Dilute Ocicats, everywhere. He was instrumental in my breeding program; and, still siring healthy litters, at almost 10 years old, will enjoy retirement before too long. Without Titan, GRC Richoci's Plum Daiquiri, Lavender Spotted Male, The Highest Scoring Dilute Ocicat in Breed History, would not have been possible!

Richoci Cattery, a CFA Cattery of Excellence, specializes in producing exquisite, Spotted Ocicats that conform closely to CFA, and other Association, breed standards. With, a special SPOT in my heart, for producing Dilutes and Silvers that can compete with the best of their Tawny, Chocolate and Cinnamon Spotted counterparts. But, all colors are available, with my emphasis on producing Ocicats with exquisite Type, Boning, Coat, and Pattern; and, NOT bred just for Color and Contrast. And, all
Richoci babies are raised, uncaged, so their Purrsonalities shine in the SPOTlight.

Myself, as an Ocicat Breeder, am active in many CFA related activities. I am an Ocicat breeder of 10 years. I hold Degrees in Pre Veterinary Medicine and Music Performance; yet, like many of us, I work at IBM, to support and show the breed we all love so dearly!

"Look at all those spots!! It that cat wild? This cat must have came straight from the jungle!! They must be a really special kind of cat!" And, that they are, the Ocicat never fails to steal the "spotlight"; and, the hearts of all those that are lucky enough to "be owned" by one!

The Ocicat is an agouti, spotted cat of medium type. They originated from the interbreeding of the Abyssinian, Siamese, and American Shorthair breeds. The Ocicat is the only spotted, domestic cat bred selectively to emulate the cats of the wild.

The ideal Ocicat is a medium to large, athletic animal with a muscular appearance. They are very solid, well muscled, and possess a short, tight, satiny coat that shows off those muscles, and spots, to their utmost advantage!!

In 1964, the Original Ocicat was the unexpected result of an experimental breeding; originally, attempted to produce an Aby-point Siamese. Virginia Daly, the Ocicat Breed Originator, did indeed get that Aby-pointed Siamese; but, more than she knew, the first spotted Ocicat had been born. And, a legacy, meant to last for generations, had begun!

The Ocicat was recognized for CFA registration in 1966; but, not for 20 years later, in 1987, did the Ocicat attain CFA Championship show status. Since then, the Ocicat has quickly increased in popularity. And, why not!? The Ocicat has awed feline enthusiasts/geneticists Internationally. Never before have we been able to produce an entirely domestic cat, offering the wild, spotted look of a jungle cat, with the predictable disposition of a domestic cat.

While the Ocicat appears wild, its temperament is anything but ferocious. They are a great deal like dogs; and, are devoted to their human counterparts. Ocicats are very bright, easily trained; and, are very social felines, with other animals; and, with humans. Filling the need for an exotic, wild cat, the Ocicat still requires no specialized care; and, does well on normal, balanced feline diets. And, with their short, tight, satiny coats; require a minimal amount of grooming.

Richard Tomlinson, the man behind Richoci Ocicats passed away in Mid-May of 1999.
This website remains online as a tribute to his contributions and efforts to not only the ocicat breed, but the cat fancy in general.

Fellow cat fanciers and friends,
It was with my deepest sadness and regret that I posted the news of the untimely passing of Richard Tomlinson, Jr. , the gentle heart behind Richoci Ocicats back in mid-May of this year.

At that time a condolence book was set up so that visitors and friends could pay their respects to the family. Messages from this book were printed individually and placed in an album that was presented to Richard's family. You may view the wonderful words left by his many friends by clicking here, and perhaps leave a few of your own.

Richard loved his kitties very much and took great pride in his presentation of them on this website. We worked together many hours to bring this site into being for your enjoyment. Although I may have done the "technical" stuff, the content is to his credit alone.

It is in his memory that it remains here as an inspiration to all fanciers to strive for excellence in our love of our cats.

Richard, you left us much to quickly, we have lost a special friend and you will be missed!

Ocicats come in a range of Twelve beautiful, spotted colors:

Dominant, foundation colors: Tawny, Chocolate and Cinnamon
Dilute Colors: Blue, Lavender, and Fawn
Silver Colors: Silver, Chocolate-Silver, Cinnamon-Silver, Blue-Silver,
Lavender-Silver, and Fawn-Silver

The Silvers were attained, later in the Ocicat breeds creation, by adding the American Shorthair Silver gene. Also, getting credit for adding a little size and substance to the Ocicats we see today.

For a more detailed description of the Ocicat pattern variation click here for our
"Ocicat Patterns" page.

No matter what color Ocicat takes a special "spot" in your heart, this breed is sure to "steal the spotlight"; and, the hearts of all those that come in contact with them!

To be owned by an Ocicat is like having a
"a little piece of the Jungle in Your very Own Living Room!"

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