Common Household Dangers


Sweet but fatal, antifreeze is appealing to animals because of its sweet taste. It can be found in parking lots, garages, and dumpsters. If ingested, go to your veterinarian immediately, This is an emergency!


Any bone your pet can swallow should be kept away from your pet. Chipped pieces and small fragments can cut the insides of your pet. Sterilized bones and large beef leg bones are good. Chicken, pork, and fish bones are not safe for your pet !


Chocolate is very toxic to pets, keep all chocolate out of reach.

Electrical wires

Chewing on electrical wire has caused fires and shock (which is usually fatal). Remove what you can and coat the rest with an anti-chew product.

House plants

Many house plants are toxic to your pets, place all toxic plants out of reach of pets and children.

Human Medications

Medicine made for humans should never be given without consulting with your veterinarian first. SOME COMMON HUMAN MEDICINES ARE POISONOUS TO ANIMALS.

Rawhide - Is all rawhide good for your pet?

There are two types or rawhide. The difference between the two is thatAmerican rawhidecan be digested if swallowed andForeign rawhidecannot be digested. Rawhide is not bad for your pet but can be dangerous if Foreign rawhide is ingested. Know what type of rawhide you are buying!

Toys can play a big part in your pets life. They can also be very dangerous to your pet. Never buy a toy that may chip or break easily, or can be swallowed by your pet. This is very important! Remember, read all labels.

Which toys are the best?
Here is a list of some strong, long-lasting, safe toys which most pets love to play with.

Kong, also known as Bouncing Billy, this is a very tough rubber toy, and when thrown, bounces in different directions. Pets love this toy, they can keep themselves amused for hours.

Gumabone, this bone is more popular with pets than the nylabone. It is a softer form of the nylabone and comes in sizes to suit all pets.

Rope Toy, long lasting, machine washable, safe if digested, an excellent tug-o-war toy, safe for all ages.

Yarn, String, And Pantyhose

Have you noticed that pets love to chew on socks, beds, couches, yarn, string, pantyhose, and yes, even underwear! All these objects are very dangerous if ingested. It can get tangled in the intestines (which sometimes can be fatal if surgery is not done). If you notice your pet in the act of swallowing, say a pair of pantyhose, go to the veterinarian immediately. Do not try and pull it out. You could damage the insides.