STORY: My Stubborn Dog

I have a beautiful three quarter lab/one quarter German Sheppard named Kobi, 2 1/2 years old. Click to see my dog video. I am a true dog lover and enjoy playing catch with Kobi, throwing him frisbees and taking him to the local Burlington Beach to swim. He especially loves the Burlington Beach in the summer because of his thick coat.

Lately, I've noticed my dog become smarter (good) and more stubborn (bad). I think they both may have something to do with one another. Because of the hot summers in Burlington and the fact that my wife and I don't like to spend much on air conditioning the house is hot in the evening. My dog, ofcourse, likes to spend most of the evening outside where its cool. Unfortunately, he barks or should I say, howls. Big problem with the neighbours. We usually try and lure Kobi into the house around 9:00 figuring some neighbours may be going to bed around this time.

When he was one, all we needed to do was call his name and he would come running with excitement. When he was two, I would call his name and Kobi would sit and stare. Almost saying to me, "what do you have to offer, because it's nice and cool out here and I ain't coming in without a bribe". So we started luring our dog into the house with some cheese, peanut butter, get the drift. Now, as our loving dog approaches three he's learning a little faster than we are. At night I'll open the door and tell him to come. No response, not even a look. Ok fine, I'll just go get some cheese. "Kobi, come get treats, I've got some cheese here for you". Kobi steps closer, now about 20 feet away. "Come on Kobi", in my friendly silly dog talk voice. He steps closer coming to within about 4 feet.

At this point I'm dangling the cheese in his face. This dog will not move another inch closer because he knows I'm going to pull him inside. I thought dogs would do anything when it came to food. Apparently not. He just sits and stares at the food. I slowly lure him to the door where he hits his threshold (four feet from the door). When he eventually learns he's not getting the food until he steps inside, he simply, turns around and walks away.

I have finally found a foolproof way to get him inside...for now. I walk outside onto the lawn with my beautiful dog, offer him a treat and slowly put his lead on. After, I simply walk him up the porch stairs and into the house without any resistance. Maybe there not that smart after all